FAQ on Loan Against Car Johannesburg

Loan Against Car Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

I want a loan but I am afraid of losing my car, what guarantee to I have?

The most important thing you need to know is that we will not approved you give you cash amounts that we know that you will not be able to pay back. Our affordability check ensures that our customers are able to make payments on their loans.

What is an affordability check?

An affordability check is our way of ensuring that you can afford the loan you wish to get from us. It includes looking at your current financial income records, the value of your car based on current markets and we make an offer based on this, if your cash request is within the range or lower, we will notify you of this and also let you know the maximum cash you can get against your car through the affordability checking process.

What if I have a bad credit record?

Your credit history and record is not important for our loan application process. The most important factor is determined by our affordability check which does not include a credit history check.

What do I need to start my loan application?

You will need the following to start your loan application:

  • Proof or car ownership
  • Proof of personal verifiable ID’s and or license
  • Latest transaction bank statements up to 3 months.

Do I have to take the car inspection even if my car is in good condition?

Yes, as much as you can think that your car is in great condition, you will find that our car inspection report will provide you with details that you didn’t think were important. We have a certain standard that ensures that all cars used to get a loan abide by.